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How To Start A Prayer Journal
a prayer journal

How To Start A Prayer Journal: 10 Simple Steps 2021

How my prayer journal started… For many years, I thought that being a good Christian was all about doing your duties, going to Church every …

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bible and stress

40 Powerful Bible Verses About Stress For 2021

40 bible verses about stress Stress is ever-present in our lives, but the past year has seen the kind of stress that many of this …

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bible passages about helping others

30 Inspiring Bible Verses About Helping Others

30 Bible Verses About Helping Others When humanity is faced with one of its biggest challenges in these times of uncertainty, it is important not …

a girl smiling about her spiritual goals
christian goals

Setting Your Spiritual Goals For Succeeding In 2021: 30 Goals

We all love to set goals in our life. Whether it be a brand new car, a house we want to buy, that high-paying job …

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deep spiritual quotes

40 Enlightening Spiritual Awakening Quotes For 2021

What is spirituality? In a world where science governs our everyday interactions, does something as unprovable as spirituality even exist? These 40 spiritual awakening quotes …

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bible god is in control

God is in Control: 17 Powerful Bible Verses to Remind You This

You live in a fast-paced and hectic world full of distractions. Unfortunately, not all of them are good. However, God, in all His glory, is …

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beautiful religious quotes

50 Powerful Quotes About Religion That Will Help You Prosper In 2021

At the heart of religion is faith, an unwavering belief in God or the doctrines of religion. Yet no religion has ever attained followers who …

How Christian Clothing Can Spark A Conversation

Teaching God’s word is among the gifts of the Holy Spirit. However, young Christians who aren’t filled by the power of the Holy Spirit may …

God Is Within Her She Will Not Fall – Psalms 46:5

In this life, you will face smooth days, ups, downs, battles, and struggles, but God has promised that we can have victory through Him. This verse should strengthen us to take view of every struggle and battle from a winner’s point of view. Knowing that God is within us should give us the strength to go on because he is a victor, and no situation has ever been too hard for Him. God is within her she will not fall! God the father apparel Christian clothing brand.

How To Trust God In Financial Burdens

A financial burden is one of the hardest life situations for any Christian to trust in the Lord. Most people believe that Christians never lack …

A Holiday Gift Guide

Christianity encourages us to embrace a lifestyle of generosity. Giving is a tradition that has been practiced among Christians for centuries. Every holiday among the …

How To Find Yourself In God

How to find yourself in God. Every person who has lived is on a quest to finding themselves. We all thrive to know who we are, what our purpose is.  Jeremiah 1:5 says, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.”  Finding yourself in God is the essential thing in a Christian’s life. God knows all about you. There is no better way to know about yourself than to have a relationship with God who knows you since inception. For you to achieve your whole purpose on earth, you have to find yourself in God. Here are some of the ways of finding yourself in God. God the Father Apparel, Christian Clothing

Top 10 Bible Verses On Why You Should Wear Your Christian Apparel

Christians should not fear to share their faith. It will be noble we talk and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ through our mouths. However, if our mouths are not enough, we should be ready to explore other avenues. The sole purpose of Christian apparel is to evangelize. Here are top Bible verses on why you should wear your Christian clothing to evangelize. 

How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

How to stop comparing yourself to others

If you compare yourself with others you will be bitter and unhappy for the rest of your life. You can only live your life and nobody else’s life. Start believing in yourself and commit your plans to God, and He will show you the way. Remember that you are a unique being, different from all the other people created with a purpose. The only person you should compare yourself to is you.

How To Trust God Through A Storm

Trusting God throughout the storms is a mandatory to every Christian since it gives us the assurance that God has done it, and he will do it for us. In the Bible, Job trusted God throughout his storm, and he got his reward. His wife tried to make him insult God, but Job did not waver in his trust in God. He knew that God is the one who gave him all that he had, and he is also the one who took all that he had. Here are some of the practical ways of trusting God in a storm.

Following God’s Plans For Your Life

But He knows the way that I take [and He pays attention to it].  When He has tried me, I will come forth as [refined] …

5 Ways To Best Deal With Anxiety As A Christian

Every day we walk around these people without any knowledge about what they are going through. Rarely do we say a word to them. It is always good to remind people that there is someone great and mighty above watching over them.

Even without saying a word, you can always share a message of hope and faith with them in God the Father by simply wearing Christian apparel.

Read up on giving your life to Christ, fellowship with others and more in our 5 best ways to deal with anxiety as a Christian.

4 Tactics To Stand Firm In Your Faith

Every Christian faces temptations or struggles in their life, which make it difficult to persist in faith. However, we have analyzed for you some of the best tactics used by the strongest warriors in the bible that you can employ to come out stronger when you have a challenge in your life.

Wearing Christian apparel would be a gentle or kind way to express your faith in God to the world.

6 Best Practical Steps to Trust God Through College

Proclaim the good news about Jesus Christ to other people publically. Use your mouth to preach to different people in the world. Besides, you can use your Christian apparel as a vehicle to spread the good news to people.

Touch and bring souls as you walk around in your Christian clothing.

2nd Corinthians 5:20 reads,’ we are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God was making His appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God.

5 Top Actions To Undertake When You Feel Distant From God

Wear Christian apparel

Christian clothing not only brings non-believers to God but also enables Christians who are already saved to stay close to God.

The messages written on Christian clothing are from God’s word; therefore, they inspire and encourage believers in their walk of faith.

God The Father – Changing The Way Christians Spread His Name

What we wear speaks volumes about who we are, whether it’s intentional or not. But with God The Father, it’s intentional and it’s meant to change the narrative on how Christians inform others about the Truth with a capital T. So, get to shoppin’ on and buy your conversation piece today. You are a small piece of a big puzzle that, once put together, brings attention to the Way, the Truth, and the Life: God the Father.

Changing The Way Christians Spread His Name

They want to spread the Gospel in an “efficient, yet subtle, way,” and they do just that

How Your Clothing Can Spread God’s Word

What would you do if I told you there are perfect and phenomenal ways to spread the name and the word of God to people within your neighbourhood and community without having to open your mouth?

God The Father Is Pleased When You Win A Soul

To be able to win a soul is a privilege, a very excellent one at that which brings joy to God The Father every time. …

Passing On The Faith of Our Fathers

Every enterprise exists to solve a problem and at God the Father Apparel, we exist to help you achieve that goal of sharing God’s Word and that we do through your dressing. We can customize Tees, hoodies, hats, with power words from the Bible.

Becoming God’s God To

You and I count our wealth in Dollars but God counts His in souls. He is interested in every soul. He doesn’t want any to be lost and so at God the father Apparel, we want to ensure we partner with Him to see souls drawn into the Christian faith.

God’s Presence In A Classroom Teacher

Unlike most schools, where the priority is to successfully deliver content to students, a Christian school functions with a philosophy aiming to meet the needs of children through faith in Jesus Christ. As an aspiring elementary teacher, I find myself pursuing a career in the Christian school system, and my philosophy entails several components.

5 Ways To Make Your Prayer Time Effective, Productive, and Impactful

Life would be meaningless if whenever we are overwhelmed by life’s problems that are beyond our control, our only option would be to give up and cave in under its weight. But Blessed be God! We don’t have to give up or be subdued under the weight of the pressures of life. We have a God and Father that we can go to in prayer, to recharge our spiritual batteries and be refreshed, finding lasting solutions to our problems.

Inspiring Hope In The Marketplace For God The Father

2020, what a year! A year that has been the most dramatic and unpredictable one so far since the break of this century. The events that have laced this year has been most chaotic and unprecedented, and the world was never prepared for such crisis. The outbreak of coronavirus across the world came and worsened an already terrible situation. The rate of suicide keeps going up. There is hopelessness almost everywhere you turn and people simply can’t find a reason to keep living.

5 Ways to Pray to God

Prayer is the most powerful gift God has given us. But knowing how to pray is not always easy. Jesus’ disciples had a lot of questions and uncertainties the same way we do. For Christians, there are types of prayer.

What Subtle Praise Has Done In My Life

Some of the most important people in my life are not Christians however when I wear my warped logo hoodie with them, they compliment and ask me about it.

My Challenge To You

God is moving and he wants so badly to speak through us. 

How My Clothing Sparks Conversation As A Grade 1 Teacher

Through the ups and downs of this day-to-day lifestyle, God reminds me of the importance of why I do what I do.

The “How” of Soulwinning

Let your clothing spark up conversations and draw people to God’s Kingdom. 

There’s A Solution to Being A Shy Christian

 It’s not rare to meet a Christian who becomes terrified at the thought of sharing the Gospel. It’s a conversation that opens the floodgates to …

How Your Christian Clothing Can Spark A Conversation

Teaching God’s word is among the gifts of the Holy Spirit. However, young Christians who aren’t filled by the power of the Holy Spirit may lack the courage to start a conversation about Jesus Christ with strangers. With many people being fashion conscious today, you can choose to use your Christian apparel today to spark a conversation.

Your clothing is a billboard. You use it to tell others about yourself. Clothes say who you associate with, who you are, and importantly what you believe.

Top 5 Bible Verses You Need To Know Heading Into 2020

New years are new beginnings and an opportunity given by God for a fresh start. For many people, each new year starts with high hopes and expectations. Plans are made and goals are set by majority of people and because of high and fresh hopes, people tend to take decisions, popularly called – New Year Resolutions.

The sad thing about these resolutions is that they die off for most people as soon as the year starts. As their hope begins to dwindle and they have settled down into the new year and its hustles and bustles, it becomes business as usual and those resolutions die off, never seeing the light of day.

Don’t Let Nothing Weigh You Down, Put On Your Praise

One of the things God the Father craves from His people is praise and the Bible give expression to this need and crave of God in many ways; let everything that has breath praise the Lord in all things give thanks I will praise thee O Lord with my whole heart the man David even said seven times a day do I praise thee

Whether the going is good or not in hardship,  pain comfort or bliss, 1 habits we must deliberately cultivate is that of praising God in all situations and for all things

Following God’s Plans For Your Life Above All

Trust God through His plans for you

How Christians Can Spread God’s Name Without Speaking

How many of you have felt uncomfortable trying to share the Gospel of Christ with people?

I have plenty of times.

But is there a way to share your faith with people without actively engaged in talking?

Sure, there are!

The Bible is replete with so many of them. Here’s four ways to help Spread God’s Name and His Message Without Opening Your Mouth.

The Importance of Spreading God’s Name and Word

Gaining access to the word of truth and a name so powerful as God’s is like finding a trove of treasure after searching for so …