12 Best Bible Journaling Supplies for 2021

I am not a big artist or anything. Ever since I was a child, I have always struggled to express myself on a canvas. But when it comes to the word of God, I believe that every time I put a pen on paper, there is a hand guiding my own.

When I started Bible journaling a year back, I was apprehensive. I thought that I might end up embarrassing myself or, worse, making a big mess. But over the past year, the Lord has helped me with another way to share my devotion with him. And as my confidence has grown, so has the stash of art supplies that I use for my illustrated faith!

So in this article, I will share some of the best bible journaling supplies that I have been using.

Best Bible Journaling Supplies

#1 Journaling Bible

The ESV Bible has one of the best and most beautiful translations of the Bible. I started with this beautiful double-column Bible but have since moved on to their single-column Bible in Black because I find it easier to read.

If you are uncomfortable with scribbling on the sides of your Bible, some options let you draw on completely blank pages as well.

As a beginner, another interesting option (especially if you are really bad at doing sketches) is to try out the My Creative Bible from KJV. It has got illustrations prepared and ready for you to color in between the lines!

#2 Pens

Once you’re ready with your favorite Bible, you will need the right pens to make your illustrations, as well as for writing. I have four recommendations for you:

  • iBayam Journal Planner Pens: These are among the most vibrant journaling pens that I have come across. They leave out such beautiful colors on the paper that you will keep coming back for more. The pens are smooth, they don’t smudge, and in my experience, they have never bled through even the lightest of pages that I have come across
  • Tombow Fudenosuke Brush pen: These are excellent for writing in the margins. They are smudge-free and waterproof, which is perfect because you can paint over them without worrying about anything.
  • Sakura Pigma Micron: These pens are perfect for both lettering and drawing. Their fine tip is ideal for creating perfectly straight lines. They come in many colors, and the pigment leaves a different kind of mark on the paper than the other pens.
  • Faber Castell India Ink Pens: If you’re looking for an authentic look on your Bible, you should be using ancient ink! India ink is one of the oldest forms of putting a word on paper. And these brush pens create beautiful swashes and add-ons to your creative imagery.

#3 Pencils & Erasers

Now you might wonder why I am putting such a simple thing as a pencil and eraser here. However, I would not be doing justice to those who are just starting with journaling. After all, not all of us are born artists!

Having a pencil and eraser is handy because you can make your illustrations without fear of making mistakes. When you are ready, just trace out your lines with one of the handy pens above, and voila! Magic.

The BIC Xtra-Smooth Mechanical Pencil is my favorite go-to pencil even today. It draws out crisp, clear lines that are very fine, and the lead lasts almost two or three times more than the lead pencils I used to work with earlier.

When it comes to erasers, you should think of getting a high polymer one. Sometimes, you might make the perfect illustration with a pencil but still mess up when you are tracing it out with a pen.

I prefer to use the Pentel Hi-Polymer Block Eraser. What’s great about it is that you do not have to rub too hard. I am always afraid of creating a tear in the page when I am erasing something, but I have never complained about the Pentel’s.

#5 Colored Pencils

Crayola Twistables are the clear winners here. The pencils have a dull tip that leaves your Bible pages unharmed. You never have to use a sharpener with these pencils – just twist, and you are ready with beautiful colors!

Color Pencil for Bible Journaling

#6 Paints

Coming to the real heavyweights of Bible journaling, below are some of my recommendations on paints:

#7 Acrylic Paints

If you are looking for bold and splashy colors, all you need is a layer of acrylic paint applied on an old visiting card that you may have lying around.

My matte finish Apple barrels have been doing a great job for me. They’re water-based but don’t bleed into the paper, and they dry super quick too.

#8 Gelatos

Gelatos are a new introduction in my arsenal of colors. These are creamy buttery sticks of color that glide easily over your page.

Once you are ready, you can add a small bit of water to create cool watercolor effects. They are great for people like me who have never been too comfortable applying watercolors but love how they look on paper.

If you want to try them out yourselves, I would recommend starting with Faber Castell Bright Gelatos. The bright colors are graceful, and they combine well with the crisp, sharp lines that I get from my iBayam Journal Planner Pens.

#9 Watercolors

While I have never been able to control watercolors, I would recommend getting the Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolor Set if you are good at art. They are one of the smoothest I have come by in my limited experimentation with them.

And while we are on the subject, I found the Benicci watercolor brushes helped me control my watercolors from dripping all over the place better than most others.

Of course, once I discovered Faber Castell Bright Gelatos, I got spoilt for their simplicity!

#10 Stickers

Alphabet stickers are a great way to supplement your writing. You can use them to highlight certain words or create special effects such as highlighting the first words.

If you are bad at writing, alpha stickers are the perfect way to start Bible journaling without writing yourself.

I loved these seven-colored alpha stickers. They adhere nicely, and multiple colors enhance the effect that I want to bring out.

#11 Bible Tabs

Although I don’t use them personally, I find that many in my Bible study group love to organize their Bibles with colorful tabs. They are available in many styles and shades, and they do give a nice look to your Bible. To add to that, Bible Tabs are a great way to quickly reach your desired verse or sermon.

One of my dearest friends uses these tabs from Mr. Pen, and I think they look quite nifty!

#12 Washi Tape

The ever-versatile Washi tape is another perfect addition to your Bible journaling art supplies. If you find that your artwork bleeds onto the backside of the page, then Washi tape is a great solution. You can also use it as a base for your handwriting or stickers.

bible Journaling Supplies Conclusion

My journey into Bible journaling has led me to experiment with many forms of art and writing that I had never explored in my life! Perhaps the Creator above brings out the creator within you when your heart seeks to serve the Lord and His word.

It is important to remember that the idea is not to go out and splurge on every art supply that I have added. If you start with nothing but a set of Crayola’s and a cheap pencil or pen, there is nothing wrong with it.

As you move along the journey, you will find your style and creativity, and I assure you that you will enjoy that daily hour spent journaling more and more each day!

What is one of the Bible journaling supplies that you will buy as soon as you leave this page? Leave it in the comments below.

Happy Journaling!

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